The Best Mat on the Market

Introducing WaterHog Plus Mats

Made with 100% recycled pop bottles (PET) fibres, our WaterHog Plus mats are the best performing mats on the market.

No More Trip Hazards

Heavy and rigid enough to prevent a trip hazard

Super Absorbent

Controls and holds moisture (up to 20 liters)

Professional Cleaning

Executive Mat professionally cleans & sanitizes

Side by Side Test

Waterhog Plus for Risk Management

$70 Billion

The annual compensation and medical costs from slip-and-fall claims in the United States


The average cost to defend a lawsuit claim


The winning percentage of plaintiffs in premises liability claims

Our Automated Cleaning Technology

Our mat cleaning machine, the CDF, removes moisture from our mats in as little as 6 seconds. The CDF is powered by bio-fuels recovered from our Eco-Growth Organic Reactor (EGOR) and from recycled consumables from the Green Thumb Initiative.

The CDF-Systems patented mat cleaning technology, developed by Executive Mat, was designed specifically to clean, sanitize and dry Waterhog Plus floor matting.


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