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About Executive Mat

We firmly believe those in the proper position have a responsibility to create paths to help wean us all off burning carbon for energy.

We need to be better, for all of us, and we cannot accept forsaking the chance to innovate our way onto a sustainable path because there was an easier way.



Made of 100% nitrile rubber, WaterHog series mats are the best performing mat on the market.

Even in inclement weather, they can prevent up to 95% of dirt and moisture on shoes from entering a building.

Green Thumb Initiative

Executive Mat has pledged to forge a path of eco-sustainability by creating a vertically integrated recycling and repurposing process.

We produce mats for use in commercial and/or residential areas, an environmentally sound means of cleaning and reusing the mats and a sustainable means of powering our mat cleaners while using refuse and waste from the businesses to whom we supply mats.


Eco-Growth Environmental

In landfills, uneaten food decomposes into methane gas, which is 23 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. 

Our solution to this issue is the Eco-Growth Organic Reactor (EGOR). Instead of shovelling unused food into a landfill, proprietors can dump their food waste into EGOR, breaking it down into two states, producing liquid bio-fuel and solid pellets which Executive Mat uses as fuel to power our mat washing machines.

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