Executive Mat Service Is Establishing a Legacy

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As we find ourselves caught in the middle of winter, the exceptionally cold Canadian climate is unrelenting in its approach, directly impacting peoples’ daily routines, inhibiting the cleanliness of businesses, and posing a risk to public safety. When getting through the gloom of winter by focusing on the warmer seasons ahead, some things are better left behind. But when you come in from the cold weather, it’s difficult to leave winter behind if you’re tracking snow, rainwater, and mud inside with you.

That’s where Executive Mat Service comes in.

Proudly Canadian owned and operated for over 20 years, we’re certainly no strangers to the harsh winter climate, providing mat rental services and mat logo customization to a variety of industries in some of Canada’s coldest major cities.

As industry leaders, we’re proud to introduce the newest addition to the renowned WaterHog mat series and the next step in high-performance mat technology – the WaterHog Legacy mat.

Building on the successfully proven track record of the WaterHog mat series, the WaterHog Legacy mat is designed to stop winter weather in its tracks – right at your front door.

Featuring the latest developments in mat construction, WaterHog Legacy mats are specifically engineered to guarantee your floors remain clean, dry, and safe – a testament to Executive Mat Service’s operating philosophy of safety, health, and environment.  With a unique bi-level surface design, WaterHog Legacy mats effectively scrape dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping it beneath shoe level, and preventing further tracking. This design is strengthened by a durable rubber water dam that retains moisture – guaranteed to hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard – while the beveled edges ensure a safe transition to the dry floor.

Additionally, reinforced rubber nubs prevent the pile from crushing, while the solution-dyed PET fabric is stain-resistant and quick-drying, further extending the WaterHog Legacy’s performance life.

Featuring these innovations and a distinct hexagon pattern, the WaterHog Legacy mat – available exclusively from Executive Mat Service – is truly putting the freeze on winter and keeping customers out of the cold.

While summer is just a memory, and winter is a reality, Executive Mat Service has established a Legacy.

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