About Us

How We Started, How We’ve Evolved

Executive Mat Service has been providing quality products, superior service and competitive pricing since 1996.

I would like to thank all of our Customers for providing us the honour of being your supplier of choice.

Executive Mat started with the mission to all develop a sustainable business based on innovative technology and great Service. By offering large oversized matting and custom logos we were able to establish a foothold in the market. We followed our early success with our Emerald Award winning oily-towel-to-clean energy technology which put us on the path towards future success.

We are proud to be Canada’s only ISO14001 (Environmental) & COR Safety Certified mat rental Company in Canada. Our “Green Thumb Initiative” is our way to bring our in-house environmental objectives to you, our Customer.







Our Philosophy

The core philosophy at Executive Mat is Safety, Health and Environment. This has become our guiding principle for the development of our products and services.

Sustainability at Executive Mat Service is something we take seriously. We have invested substantial time and money to develop new innovations that dramatically reduce not only our carbon footprint but also the carbon footprint of our customers.

All of our many patented technologies were developed by Executive Mat and are manufactured right here in Canada helping to grow Canada’s manufacturing sector. CDF-Systems & Eco-Growth Environmental are two companies that evolved from the innovation efforts at Executive Mat and are now exporting our manufactured equipment to the US and European markets.

Our Core Values


Towards a Sustainable Future

Above all else we are extremely proud to one of the last Canadian owned & operated mat rental companies in Canada.

It is our goal to bring our sustainability message to all of Canada. We plan to be a truly National Company with Branches in all Canadian cities within the next few years.

We look forward to bringing our  Safety, Health, and Environmental Sustainability message to ALL Canadians in the very near future.

To connect your business with the
zero waste, zero emissions, sustainable revolution